The very cool Econore label just put out a compilation DVD featuring videos from yours truly and Tav Exotic, TG Gondard, O + Syn, Kuupuu and more. Get it herr. Peace to Julian and xerox machines.


B.A.N. (Busy Ass November)

November 3, 2013

Got back from tour last saturday. It was heavy and nice. Can’t really say much after driving over 5000 KM in 3 weeks and meeting a bunch of incredible people and visiting kick ass places. Very humbling and inspiring, as always. Peace to Uli, Shilla, Andreas, Brno Dervishes Crew, Ondrej and Kamila, Jerry from Hredec Kralové, the O’TENNENBAUM CREW, Luisri, Emil Endless Snoring, Rickard fuckin Daun and Matthias the Exotica Master, Mother Gavin, HENRIK & ANJA in Stockholm, IVAN & ANYA in Odense (best fucking couples out there), the Kolon Crew, Markus in Hamburg FOR BEST COOK, Julian goddamn Flemming in Monchengladbach (EXTRA HAIL FOR GIVING ME A SECOND METH DRINKER STICKER), MANNY ‘THE MAN’ PADDY and the Den Haaaaag crew, the Stalkre couple in Rotterdam, Kranos and all 3Faze tapes, TG’s parent’s car for being good to us and of course, TG himself for being a true warrior and teacher. Blessed be the name of the lord.

Can’t forget the loot pic:

2000-01-06 17.13.34But yeah, now back home I got a bunch of shows lined up for this month, some solo but mostly with my other bands, including a new rock unit called Jüfro. RECAP:

.05.11.2013 Tav Exotic @ Echnum, Antwerp (w/ Maan, Sea Urchin, Quanta Qualia, Indias Indios)
.16.11.2013 Jüfro @ Cafee Cabron, Antwerp (w/ Interesting Television Programs, Ping Pong Tactis, DJ Bert Lezy)
.19.11.2013 Jüfro @ Antwerp (w/ Marshall Allen)
.23.11.2013 González & Steenkiste @ Jeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel (w/ The Holydrug Couple, Rivercrest + Screening of Conrad/Palestine show in Hasselt)
.27.11.2013 Tav Exotic @ Café Central, Brussels (w/ Cédric Dambrain)
.29.11.2013 BBLL @ Clermont Ferrand (TBC)
.30.11.2013 BBLL @ Sainte Etienne (TBC)
.01.12.2013 BBLL @ Lyon (TBC)

bicrave jour et nuit.

2013-10-11 16.57.01

Gonna cross a couple of countries around Europe for a month with my french friend TG Gondard for almost the whole month of October. First time I ever do something this long and it’s cool to face it with a professional road warrior like TG. DATES:

bbll tg tour green small


Sun 06 – Viena – fluc + fluc wanne
Tue 08 – Brno – Boro
Wed 09 – Prague – Neone
Thu 10 – Hredec Kralove – Klub cp 4
Fri 11 – Berlin – O’Tennenbaum
Sat 12 – Copenhagen – Drone
Tue 15 – Malmö – Skånes Konstförening
Wed 16 – Stockholm – Fylkingen
Fri 18 – Gothenburg – Koloni (???)
Mon 21 – Hamburg – Freies Sender Kombinat (Foyer)
Tue 22 – Mönchengladbach
Thu 24 – The Hague
Fri 25 – Rotterdam – Koffie
Sat 26 – Brussels – Recyclart

Also, I’ll have all of my LP’s for sale, as well as my new tape album “OCCULTCITI” and CD-R’s (González & Steenkiste, Tav Exotic and BBLL). No cardboard or handpainted editions this time, sorry!! Oh yeah, this is the new cover for the “Improvisaciones Caseras” CD-R I released not so long ago. Peace.

improcaserasnewcover small