Sweden Souvenirs

February 8, 2012

Peace to Mother, Masskultur and Rick Daun!

WALLA SCEN. photo by Anja Enerud

creepy dude

the stockholm crew

feeling like shit on the metro, HELLVETE

feeling like shit on the metro, BBLL




January 22, 2012

For the next months I’m going to be pretty active in several activities with my good olde pal Hellvete.

First: I’ll be hitting the road for two dates in Sweden together with that dude. Check the live page for more info (although I don’t have much). Thanks to the Mother and Masskultur guys!

2012_01_27 bbll hellvete stockholm

Second: german label SicSic tapes is going to release a pretty far out BBLL/Hellvete split. Two 15 minute smokers for your brain and lungs. Check out the artwork:

bbll hellvete split

Last: the fine people from Smeraldina-Rima are putting up the first González & Steenkiste (BBLL + Hellvete collab) show. We’ll be opening for Glen Jones, I think! Super psyched! Also at around that time, our first release as a collab will come out on Eiderdown records from the States.