February 17, 2014

Heading up north this week to play one (hopefully two) shows, at this kick ass fest for sure though PEACE TO ARTTU:




The very cool Econore label just put out a compilation DVD featuring videos from yours truly and Tav Exotic, TG Gondard, O + Syn, Kuupuu and more. Get it herr. Peace to Julian and xerox machines.

Gonna cross a couple of countries around Europe for a month with my french friend TG Gondard for almost the whole month of October. First time I ever do something this long and it’s cool to face it with a professional road warrior like TG. DATES:

bbll tg tour green small


Sun 06 – Viena – fluc + fluc wanne
Tue 08 – Brno – Boro
Wed 09 – Prague – Neone
Thu 10 – Hredec Kralove – Klub cp 4
Fri 11 – Berlin – O’Tennenbaum
Sat 12 – Copenhagen – Drone
Tue 15 – Malmö – Skånes Konstförening
Wed 16 – Stockholm – Fylkingen
Fri 18 – Gothenburg – Koloni (???)
Mon 21 – Hamburg – Freies Sender Kombinat (Foyer)
Tue 22 – Mönchengladbach
Thu 24 – The Hague
Fri 25 – Rotterdam – Koffie
Sat 26 – Brussels – Recyclart

Also, I’ll have all of my LP’s for sale, as well as my new tape album “OCCULTCITI” and CD-R’s (González & Steenkiste, Tav Exotic and BBLL). No cardboard or handpainted editions this time, sorry!! Oh yeah, this is the new cover for the “Improvisaciones Caseras” CD-R I released not so long ago. Peace.

improcaserasnewcover small

So fucking happy that the Love Cult dudes were kind enough to let me share a side of magnetic goodness with the very trippy GNOD on their great label (with a great name too), Full Of Nothing! The tracks were mostly recorded in Coín during summer 2012 and re-worked in beautiful San Antonio de los Altos whilst waiting for outer-space beings to take us to a better place. That didn’t happen, but oh well… Also: the artwork is just kick ass, in a sophisticated and classy way. Check it:

gnod/bbll split

On the same note, Ivan and Anya asked me to make a mix for their site to celebrate the release of this baby, so I mashed up a couple of riffed out classics in a compilation I like to call AXE TO GRIND. The goodies are in the booty:


Now on to the next thing: opening tonight for Fabulous Diamonds in Gent, BELGIE! May Korla Pandit watch over us.

BBLL VS The Outer Church

November 28, 2012

Some good ol’ assholism ranting and the very first mix I do for a blog. Click on the pic to teletransport you to the destination that is Outer Church.

Or bypass the rant and download the mix directly here.


Fernando Rodríguez El Otro Huevo de la Serpiente (excerpt) (1984, Cuba)
Wimela Amaradeva Goyan Kavi (1972, Sri Lanka)
Théâtre du Chêne Noir Le Bonheur (1971, France)
Archaïa Vol du Phénix (1977, France)
Cirith Ungol Death of the Sun (1984, USA)
Angel Face 12 1/2 (1985, France)
Necronomicon Prolog (1972, Germany)
Poltergeist Aphrodite (1971, Belgium)
Marcus Satan (1979, USA)
Circuit Rider Just for Today (1980, USA)
Moolah The Hard Hit (1974, USA)
Temple Radha-Krishna Radha Madhava (???, France)
Los Units Fuera las Guerras!(1973, Spain)
Miaux Etude des Têtus (2012, Belgium)

Thanks to Joseph and Outer Church!!!


October 12, 2012

Forgot to post this earlier: a new video for all of you to enjoy! Once again, filmed and edited by my sis and accomplice Gabriela González.