BBLL VS The Outer Church

November 28, 2012

Some good ol’ assholism ranting and the very first mix I do for a blog. Click on the pic to teletransport you to the destination that is Outer Church.

Or bypass the rant and download the mix directly here.


Fernando Rodríguez El Otro Huevo de la Serpiente (excerpt) (1984, Cuba)
Wimela Amaradeva Goyan Kavi (1972, Sri Lanka)
Théâtre du Chêne Noir Le Bonheur (1971, France)
Archaïa Vol du Phénix (1977, France)
Cirith Ungol Death of the Sun (1984, USA)
Angel Face 12 1/2 (1985, France)
Necronomicon Prolog (1972, Germany)
Poltergeist Aphrodite (1971, Belgium)
Marcus Satan (1979, USA)
Circuit Rider Just for Today (1980, USA)
Moolah The Hard Hit (1974, USA)
Temple Radha-Krishna Radha Madhava (???, France)
Los Units Fuera las Guerras!(1973, Spain)
Miaux Etude des Têtus (2012, Belgium)

Thanks to Joseph and Outer Church!!!