tav lexi 7"

TAV EXOTIC – French Girls / Ringworm 7″ (Lexi012)

Two songs Mike and I recorded while we were living in what used to be a forest keeper’s house, right next to a forest museum in Groenendaal, Belgium. Side A is a personal electronic pop tune where we exorcise luv demons. Side B is TAV in full on bunker squat party mode, dark and smelly. Peace to Catherine, Harrisson, Frédéric at Angström studios and everybody who made this release possible. Get it here!

My dear sister Gabriela also made a KICK ASS VIDEO for “French Girls” with a very special cameo by our dear Siet Raeymackers. Get sum popcorn n check it!


October 12, 2012

Forgot to post this earlier: a new video for all of you to enjoy! Once again, filmed and edited by my sis and accomplice Gabriela González.