Bear Bones, Lay Low:

Lavande Apaisante” from “El Telonero” LP/CD (KRAAK)

Persona” from “El Telonero” LP/CD (KRAAK)

“Bien, gracias” from “El Telonero” LP/CD (KRAAK)

“Flauta y Agua” from “Vagaciones” CS (Young Girls Records)

“High II” from “Vagaciones” CS (Young Girls Records)

“Uotarf III” (excerpt) from “Split w/ Hellvete” CS (SicSic Tapes)

“Island Song (BBLL Remix)” Original by U.S. Girls, unreleased.

Reversed Dream” from “Basement Surge” CS (Cabin Floor Esoterica)

Proceed with Caution” from “Smoked the Whole Thing” CS (Sloow Tapes)

Vallée de Dith” from “Vallée de Dith” LP (KRAAK)

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