Month of the Ram

April 6, 2015

Apryl will be a busy month for your boy out here in these industrial lands, but before we get into that, just wanted to let the visitors of this desolate place know that my partner in crime Mike Weird Dust (half of the TAV) and I released a heavy split tape of our solo endeavours on our Sea True company. We actually did a first run of 25 copies for our tour in November, but those are long gone. Now we did 50 copies with new artwork available for y’all. It’s two 20 minute sides of pure cosmic synth trippin’. Mike’s side is directed to the Sun, mine to the Moon. Check it out on our brand new Tav Exotic/Sea True bandcamp page or if you want a physical copy, get in touch with me! We also put up there all of our Tav releases so far + a new oldie called RatDragOns.

Also watch out for the Bear Bones, Lay Low / Superskin split tape coming out soon on Feathered Coyote Records ! Looking forward to this one! Also did the artwork for it, dude.

I’m happy to say that this week I’ll playing some special shows in Germany. First is a show at Le Salon de Amateurs in Düsseldorf on the 8th, which is apparently a cool spot for weird music and good parties. Will have to find out! After that I’m setting up my first solo expo at Gold + Beton in Cologne and it’ll be running from the 9th til the 11th, with a show on the opening night. “Le Spectacle Caché” is a homage to the secret beauty and pulsating detail surrounding us that reveals itself through psychedelic experience. SHOUTS OUT TO KIERAN FOR BELIEVING IN A BROTHER!!! To finish shit off, the TAV will also play in Cologne in Club Genau on the 10th and then in Duisburg on the 11th with our homie Fyoelk. Then there are some more shows lined up, check out the LIVE section, s’il vous plaît.

BBLL salondes amateursle spectacle caché

Then I will go in isolation at Les Ateliers Claus for two weeks of residency and come out with one or two solo albums… hopefully. Enough rambling… Peace.





Before jumping into what’s up for 2015, just wanna tell y’all about my latest cassette album, which was released in October 2014:

BBLL - vagaciones II - tape

Vagaciones II (released on Troglosound)

This is the second part of a musical scrapbook about water, heat, peace of mind and true love. It was recorded in Coín, Spain on July/August 2013 and was mixed on June 2014 in Brussels. Like the first Vagaciones album, it is a collage of sounds linked to memories of a sunnier and more peaceful physical/mental space. This is a very personal release, but then again all of them are. Infinite gratitude to David and Virginia, for their patience and friendship.

“Second chapter of Bear Bones Lay Low on the Vagaciones series (the first came out a couple of years ago on our fellow’s label Young Girls from Liege), which is probably Ernesto Gonzalez most psychedelic freak-out excursus in music. On this one the leading figures are the dreamy piano melodies and the obsessive percussive lines, surrounded by an aura of minimal electronics sounds. All this recorded straight on tape and quite lo-fi, which helps keeping it trippy and foggy. Drawing by Virginia Genta, inner picture by David Vanzan shot on the Ocean somewhere around Northern California, during the Jooklo Duo & Bear Bones Lay Low West Coast tour of April 2014. ” – Troglosound

As far as shows go for 2015, the Live section has been updated with a nice handful of shows, solo, with da Tav, with my buddies Simon & Glen and the Jooklos. Speaking of these italianos, we’ve created a new electronic outfit called YADER. Keep an eye out for recordings and hopefully tours. PEACE

yader - lueur verte


tav lexi 7"

TAV EXOTIC – French Girls / Ringworm 7″ (Lexi012)

Two songs Mike and I recorded while we were living in what used to be a forest keeper’s house, right next to a forest museum in Groenendaal, Belgium. Side A is a personal electronic pop tune where we exorcise luv demons. Side B is TAV in full on bunker squat party mode, dark and smelly. Peace to Catherine, Harrisson, Frédéric at Angström studios and everybody who made this release possible. Get it here!

My dear sister Gabriela also made a KICK ASS VIDEO for “French Girls” with a very special cameo by our dear Siet Raeymackers. Get sum popcorn n check it!


June 13, 2014

tavtapes 2


tape version of the infamous “s/t” 2xCD-R on SEA TRUE (left)

“For Venusians Only” on STENZE QUO (right)

Being stuck with a pretty decent stack of tapes filled with jams, Mike and I decided to start a new label, SEA TRUE, to put out in our own time and with no limited editions in mind all of this stuff that other players might not be into taking the risk to release… obviously, it made sense that the first Sea True tape should be a Tav release!! So Mikey made a special 50 minute mix of most of the material that was on our double CD-R from last year (shit, already a year!). Stoned DJ style of course. This is the Tav at its embryonic stage, all of the recordings are taken from the first two jams we ever did together and it’s very cosmic, very dancy, very far out stuff. Perfect music to cook to! Comes with see-through covers and you can order them through me!! Drop a line at ern_bbll(at)hotmail(dot)com if you want one!

Now, “For Venusians Only” is a near 40 minute collection of electronic mating calls through triggered synths, drum machines and effects for the intergalactic female species. Four improvisations to woo four types of Venusians that have made their way into Earth’s humanoid society, feeding off the souls n bodies of creatures like Mike and myself. This world would suck even more if they didn’t invade us, regardless of the pain n confuzion. Artwork, printing and dubbing by the one n only Sire Johann Kauth for Stenze Quo. Get in touch with him to get a copy!!!

G&S dimly lit cover


“Dimly Lit” on FORT EVIL FRUIT

It has been quite some time since Glen n I put some energy captured on tape out there, so we both are particularly happy to share with you our new cassette album “Dimly Lit”. Its sound is a bit more sombre, tragic even, but not straying too far away from the inherent warmth of our music. Recorded under the dim light of the Smokey Room in Sint Denijs, these four improvised pieces speak of the uncertain paths we take in this cycle of our existence, like walking through fog or dark corridors, casting strange shadows in our hearts and minds. We must never lose hope in the light that is within us, no matter how faint. Magnificent artwork by Christian Schoppik, edition of 100 copies, contact Fort Evil Fruit to order!

Haven’t posted here in a while, that’s cuz it’s been quite a few hectic months in the lyfe of this olde dude. Feel charged with positive vibes after hitting the States with my friends Jooklo Duo and good ol’ Warre Fungus. But we all agree that the biggest shout out goes to Mr. Chris Allick and his wife Alice for making the whole thing happen and giving us food, shelter and amazing hospitality. But of course, shout out to all the people we met and hung out with during this tryp making the whole thing quite a freakedelic experience. Peace n love to The Tenses, Spencer Clark, Adam Svenson, Anne from da pumpkin house, Shaun n Mike in Corvallis, MD from Oakland, Josh from Oakland, RUBBER O CEMENT, KEY WEST, JASON WADE FOR THE REAL FREAKEDELIC SHOW, the Redwood Forests, hand jiving, tacos n horchata, pizza parties and the special “oregano”….



Man and as if it weren’t enough, still jet-lagged, dragged myself up to VILNIUS (in caps cuz the city RULES) for a special night with the STRCAMP crew… these guys are the definition of PARTY THRU PASSION THRU MUSIC. Feels great to feel connected with people in distant parts of the world by actually meeting them in person. Everything makes sense and human life isn’t so dispicable after all. Now on to the next shit.

2014-05-02 02.54.07



The very cool Econore label just put out a compilation DVD featuring videos from yours truly and Tav Exotic, TG Gondard, O + Syn, Kuupuu and more. Get it herr. Peace to Julian and xerox machines.

Gonna cross a couple of countries around Europe for a month with my french friend TG Gondard for almost the whole month of October. First time I ever do something this long and it’s cool to face it with a professional road warrior like TG. DATES:

bbll tg tour green small


Sun 06 – Viena – fluc + fluc wanne
Tue 08 – Brno – Boro
Wed 09 – Prague – Neone
Thu 10 – Hredec Kralove – Klub cp 4
Fri 11 – Berlin – O’Tennenbaum
Sat 12 – Copenhagen – Drone
Tue 15 – Malmö – Skånes Konstförening
Wed 16 – Stockholm – Fylkingen
Fri 18 – Gothenburg – Koloni (???)
Mon 21 – Hamburg – Freies Sender Kombinat (Foyer)
Tue 22 – Mönchengladbach
Thu 24 – The Hague
Fri 25 – Rotterdam – Koffie
Sat 26 – Brussels – Recyclart

Also, I’ll have all of my LP’s for sale, as well as my new tape album “OCCULTCITI” and CD-R’s (González & Steenkiste, Tav Exotic and BBLL). No cardboard or handpainted editions this time, sorry!! Oh yeah, this is the new cover for the “Improvisaciones Caseras” CD-R I released not so long ago. Peace.

improcaserasnewcover small

Before leaving on tour with mystical mademoiselle Chicaloyoh, I finished putting together an album called “OCCULTCITI”. It’s a further journey into the electronic style I developed in “El Telonero” but this time with a darker and more urban feel. I wanted to evoke a certain Carpenteresque-sci-fi vibe with the sounds, a sort of ode/lament to modern and futuristic cities and their people, bathed in esoteric symbolism, ready for utter doom.

So yeah, the dudes from Smeltkop (hit them up on fb as well) decided to put it out on tape and in 100 copies with some very nice silkscreened covers. Order it from them, because I already gave all of mine away…

occultciti cover

Also playing 2 shows this week with Tav Exotic. First one is at the mighty Audio Plant in Antwerp tonight (sept. 12th), second one is at some sort of crazy acid party in Tienen tomorrow. Peace to anybody who checks this site, stay true and love one another.

tav exotic



2000-01-02 13.17.54

Almost an hour of improvised jams spread out over 5 tracks. Recorded at home with basic recording equipment. No overdubz. Comes in a handpainted cardboard sleeve with xeroxed insert.


2000-01-02 13.18.57 2

Mike & I decided to put together (almost) all of our recordings so far of our new project in a massive 90 minute release, divided in two CD-R’s. Everything here is improvised and without overdubs (except for the very first track which you can hear on the video below). It’s dancy, it’s noisey, it’s kosmische, it’s stoned and it’s cheap. Tav Exotic style. Comes in a double DVD case with full color covers.

So fucking happy that the Love Cult dudes were kind enough to let me share a side of magnetic goodness with the very trippy GNOD on their great label (with a great name too), Full Of Nothing! The tracks were mostly recorded in Coín during summer 2012 and re-worked in beautiful San Antonio de los Altos whilst waiting for outer-space beings to take us to a better place. That didn’t happen, but oh well… Also: the artwork is just kick ass, in a sophisticated and classy way. Check it:

gnod/bbll split

On the same note, Ivan and Anya asked me to make a mix for their site to celebrate the release of this baby, so I mashed up a couple of riffed out classics in a compilation I like to call AXE TO GRIND. The goodies are in the booty:


Now on to the next thing: opening tonight for Fabulous Diamonds in Gent, BELGIE! May Korla Pandit watch over us.