June 13, 2014

tavtapes 2


tape version of the infamous “s/t” 2xCD-R on SEA TRUE (left)

“For Venusians Only” on STENZE QUO (right)

Being stuck with a pretty decent stack of tapes filled with jams, Mike and I decided to start a new label, SEA TRUE, to put out in our own time and with no limited editions in mind all of this stuff that other players might not be into taking the risk to release… obviously, it made sense that the first Sea True tape should be a Tav release!! So Mikey made a special 50 minute mix of most of the material that was on our double CD-R from last year (shit, already a year!). Stoned DJ style of course. This is the Tav at its embryonic stage, all of the recordings are taken from the first two jams we ever did together and it’s very cosmic, very dancy, very far out stuff. Perfect music to cook to! Comes with see-through covers and you can order them through me!! Drop a line at ern_bbll(at)hotmail(dot)com if you want one!

Now, “For Venusians Only” is a near 40 minute collection of electronic mating calls through triggered synths, drum machines and effects for the intergalactic female species. Four improvisations to woo four types of Venusians that have made their way into Earth’s humanoid society, feeding off the souls n bodies of creatures like Mike and myself. This world would suck even more if they didn’t invade us, regardless of the pain n confuzion. Artwork, printing and dubbing by the one n only Sire Johann Kauth for Stenze Quo. Get in touch with him to get a copy!!!

G&S dimly lit cover


“Dimly Lit” on FORT EVIL FRUIT

It has been quite some time since Glen n I put some energy captured on tape out there, so we both are particularly happy to share with you our new cassette album “Dimly Lit”. Its sound is a bit more sombre, tragic even, but not straying too far away from the inherent warmth of our music. Recorded under the dim light of the Smokey Room in Sint Denijs, these four improvised pieces speak of the uncertain paths we take in this cycle of our existence, like walking through fog or dark corridors, casting strange shadows in our hearts and minds. We must never lose hope in the light that is within us, no matter how faint. Magnificent artwork by Christian Schoppik, edition of 100 copies, contact Fort Evil Fruit to order!


B.A.N. (Busy Ass November)

November 3, 2013

Got back from tour last saturday. It was heavy and nice. Can’t really say much after driving over 5000 KM in 3 weeks and meeting a bunch of incredible people and visiting kick ass places. Very humbling and inspiring, as always. Peace to Uli, Shilla, Andreas, Brno Dervishes Crew, Ondrej and Kamila, Jerry from Hredec Kralové, the O’TENNENBAUM CREW, Luisri, Emil Endless Snoring, Rickard fuckin Daun and Matthias the Exotica Master, Mother Gavin, HENRIK & ANJA in Stockholm, IVAN & ANYA in Odense (best fucking couples out there), the Kolon Crew, Markus in Hamburg FOR BEST COOK, Julian goddamn Flemming in Monchengladbach (EXTRA HAIL FOR GIVING ME A SECOND METH DRINKER STICKER), MANNY ‘THE MAN’ PADDY and the Den Haaaaag crew, the Stalkre couple in Rotterdam, Kranos and all 3Faze tapes, TG’s parent’s car for being good to us and of course, TG himself for being a true warrior and teacher. Blessed be the name of the lord.

Can’t forget the loot pic:

2000-01-06 17.13.34But yeah, now back home I got a bunch of shows lined up for this month, some solo but mostly with my other bands, including a new rock unit called Jüfro. RECAP:

.05.11.2013 Tav Exotic @ Echnum, Antwerp (w/ Maan, Sea Urchin, Quanta Qualia, Indias Indios)
.16.11.2013 Jüfro @ Cafee Cabron, Antwerp (w/ Interesting Television Programs, Ping Pong Tactis, DJ Bert Lezy)
.19.11.2013 Jüfro @ Antwerp (w/ Marshall Allen)
.23.11.2013 González & Steenkiste @ Jeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel (w/ The Holydrug Couple, Rivercrest + Screening of Conrad/Palestine show in Hasselt)
.27.11.2013 Tav Exotic @ Café Central, Brussels (w/ Cédric Dambrain)
.29.11.2013 BBLL @ Clermont Ferrand (TBC)
.30.11.2013 BBLL @ Sainte Etienne (TBC)
.01.12.2013 BBLL @ Lyon (TBC)

bicrave jour et nuit.

2013-10-11 16.57.01

Hitting the road with buddies Wouter, Glen and Sloow. Like always, check out the LIVE page for infoz. Also expect recorded and visual goods for sale. Oh yiaaahhh, a poster by your truly:

Urpf Lanze Gonzalez Steenkiste 2013 tour

González & Steenkiste GOLD

November 11, 2012

The tape on Feathered Coyote is out now! Check out the whole thing:


Also, look at how nice the tapes look!


We also headed out to URGENT Radio in Ghent for a special session for the Kinky Star Radio Show. Due to air time restrictions, they had to cut us off after the 25 minute mark, but thankfully, the fellas at the radio station were cool enough to record the whole damn thing. We dedicated this jam to Colorado. Check it out:


Thanks to Ulrich and Pieter-Jan for the good vibes and support!!!

It’s called “Through the Mountain” and it’s and aural excursion through the body of a massive living piece land. Artwork by yours truly. Peace to Ulrich.


Fried in Scheld’apen

October 23, 2012

Peace & Love & Power to Virginia, David and Jeremie.