Month of the Ram

April 6, 2015

Apryl will be a busy month for your boy out here in these industrial lands, but before we get into that, just wanted to let the visitors of this desolate place know that my partner in crime Mike Weird Dust (half of the TAV) and I released a heavy split tape of our solo endeavours on our Sea True company. We actually did a first run of 25 copies for our tour in November, but those are long gone. Now we did 50 copies with new artwork available for y’all. It’s two 20 minute sides of pure cosmic synth trippin’. Mike’s side is directed to the Sun, mine to the Moon. Check it out on our brand new Tav Exotic/Sea True bandcamp page or if you want a physical copy, get in touch with me! We also put up there all of our Tav releases so far + a new oldie called RatDragOns.

Also watch out for the Bear Bones, Lay Low / Superskin split tape coming out soon on Feathered Coyote Records ! Looking forward to this one! Also did the artwork for it, dude.

I’m happy to say that this week I’ll playing some special shows in Germany. First is a show at Le Salon de Amateurs in Düsseldorf on the 8th, which is apparently a cool spot for weird music and good parties. Will have to find out! After that I’m setting up my first solo expo at Gold + Beton in Cologne and it’ll be running from the 9th til the 11th, with a show on the opening night. “Le Spectacle Caché” is a homage to the secret beauty and pulsating detail surrounding us that reveals itself through psychedelic experience. SHOUTS OUT TO KIERAN FOR BELIEVING IN A BROTHER!!! To finish shit off, the TAV will also play in Cologne in Club Genau on the 10th and then in Duisburg on the 11th with our homie Fyoelk. Then there are some more shows lined up, check out the LIVE section, s’il vous plaît.

BBLL salondes amateursle spectacle caché

Then I will go in isolation at Les Ateliers Claus for two weeks of residency and come out with one or two solo albums… hopefully. Enough rambling… Peace.



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