June 1, 2012

More shows coming up, yessir. First one is in KRAAK territory, meaning, Ghent (Belgium), a sort of second part of the “Cycles of Confusion” and “El Telonero” album release show that happened in Brussels last week. That was pretty cool by the way, first time I played with visuals and it was a pretty trippy experience. Truus De Groot and Floris, were of course great. ANYWAYS, flyer:


Later in the summer, I’ll be going to Finland to play in this year’s Flow Festival as part of the “Other Sound” line-up. I’ll be playing on August 12th, last day of the fest. All the info can be found on the festival’s green and white professional website. Time for Karhu and luxurious vegeterian food…


Speaking of festivals, Sylvester Anfang II will head up to the UK to play at this year’s Supernormal Festival! Hope the weather will be nice as it looks like a pretty nice to hang out. Check out all of these nerds building shit, rockin out and dancing the shit out of the dirt and grass:


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