“El Telonero” CD/LP is ready and it’ll come out on KRAAK at the same time as “Cycles of Confusion” LP by mastermind Floris Vanhoof. A release show is planned in Brussels, check out the ‘Live‘ page for all the info. Check out the poster as well:

Also, Free Music Archive has selected the song “Genesis 6: 1-17” off “El Telonero” as MP3 of the day!!! So fucking awesome. THE LINK. Tommy captured the 666 moment with this professional screencap:


More stuff is piling up for the summer so keep your mind peeled and hooked on this internet shit for all eternity.



“Vagaciones” is a collection of recordings done in my hometown San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela and in a small village in Spain called Coín during summer 2010 and 2011 respectively. They’re all improvisations done with a minimal set up and recorded onto basic tapedecks. My intention while putting together the material on this tape was to have a more stream of consciousness approach to making music by recording for long periods during the day and documenting every moment of it. The result is a scrapbook of holiday memories contained in a sound carrier. No multi-track overdubs on this one. Editing and echo enhancement on some pieces were done in Brussels around September 2011.

Get it here! Some sounds are available on the ‘Sounds‘ page (duh). Thanks Yves Eurobill for everything!