December 31, 2011

The year 2011 has reached an end and well, it’s been a weird one… all this internet has made it hard for me to remember most of it… Resolution: pay more attention to shit.

Anyways, here’s a heads up to what will be coming very, very soon:

BBLL tape on Young Girls. This shit should’ve been out already.

BBLL / Hellvete split on SicSic tapes from the motherland, Germany.

Sayona (BBLL + Shazzula) tape on Living Tapes from AMERIKA.

González & Steenkiste (BBLL + Hellvete) : a purifying drone experience for true Pelt-heads. Not sure on which labels stuff will be released but keep your brain peeled.

– The usual Sylvester Anfang II crap.

– BBLL “El Telonero” LP

To end the year, I leave you suckas with 2 1 exclusive tracks and let’s try to make the world a better place, OK?

Bear Bones, Lay low “Bien, gracias” (from “El Telonero” LP)