October = shows

October 4, 2011

Looking at my calendar and can’t help realizing how many shows are coming up around here in België: Morton Subotnick, High Wolf, Faust, Charalambides, Charlemagne Palestine+Tony Conrad but also your boy BBLL and Sylvester Anfang II!!! Check the shows page for all that nice info.

Also: the tape on Young Girls should be out soon. Love to Pierre-Yves.

Shit just realized that Pierre-Yves just released a recording of Sylvester Anfang II with the great Neokarma Jooklo Trio live at the Netwerk in Aalst. CD-R Edition of 3 (hahahahhaa). BIG BIG LOVE TO PIERRE-YVES AND TO THE JOOKLO GUYS.

Here’s the story told by the man himself:

“Jam between SA II & Neokarma Jooklo Trio
04/12/09 @ Aalst (Netwerk)

What about that shit ? Neokarma was touring in Belgium, i was supposed to set up their tour here. the show in Netwerk wasn’t schedule. But we met Ernesto Gonzalez the night before the show in Aalst. He was pretty drunk & me too. He said something like “hey c’mon guys, we have to jam all together tomorow with my band: silvester anfang, we are playing in the Netwerk, you have to come” & so. the Jooklo’s said yes.
The day after, Jooklo’s have refreshed my memory because i was just able to play at MarioKart all the day. After an awesome recording session that they made at La Ferme Du Biéreau, we took the car & we finally arrived at the netwerk & off course, Ernesto didn’t say anything about all this (other SA II members, organisator etc.). So after what we can call a big confusion (hey man, is it possible to put 9 people on the stage playing all together with strange instrument, is the sound enginer a kind guy ?), everybody said OK, we will play all together (even me … but actually that was just a kind of happening that we can call “sleeping on stage, first lesson”). & then, we played together.”


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