Paul Naschy Swag!!!

August 17, 2011

Molina & Daninsky present… PAUL NASCHY SWAG


New site, new tape

August 8, 2011

After a loooong period of non-activity over the web, I’ve decided to launch a new website in order to replace the old freewebs one and the long-deleted Myspace. All of that stuff sucks. This one is easier to update and cooler looking. So fuck yessss, BBLL is back online!!

But on a more important note: the fine people from Cabin Floor Esoterica have just released a brand new BBLL tape and it looks so good! Not a surprise, these dudes always put tons of care in their releases. It’s called “Basement Surge” and it’s 46 minutes long. This release is similar to the tape on Sloow Tapes as far as sound sources go (analog synths, tapes, guitar, tons of spring reverb and echo) but with a way darker feel. I think this suits the grim summer vibe we’re experiencing here in Belgium. Don’t have my copies yet, but fuck it, get ’em at their site! A million thanks to the CFE crew, yes yes yes

Basement Surge

This site has still has some tweaking to do, but in no time it’ll be up and running like the real deal maaannnn.